Sebastien Brochot
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Sebastien Brochot is an art director, filmmaker and writer.

He makes documentaries, regularly publishes new works in French and English, exhibits his photographs, produces commercials and music videos for his own creative agency this is it®, and a bunch of other really, really interesting things.


Sebastien is a member of the SACD (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers).

He regularly offers his services to various national and international associations fighting against antisemitism; he enlisted in the fight against sexual abuse of children by creating PedoHelp®; he is a member of the association Ed21 (educational projects accelerator) and supports many causes: Babyloan (microfinance), Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah (FMS), HeForShe (UN Women), The Rights of Nonsmokers (DNF), Federation for the abolition of bullfights (FLAC), Magen David Adom (MDA).

Finally, it is a signatory to the Ecoprod Charter.


Au Bon Citoyen (comedy mini-series, 70x1 minute, 2016)
Giving time to time (documentary, 52 minutes, English subtitles, 2012)
Artistes de Paris (documentary series, 35x3 minutes, multilingual, 2008-2012)
Improvisons ! (event comedy series, 12 episodes, English subtitles on some videos, 2007-2011)
and hundreds of videos ◹ for the creative agency this is it®


Cassée (short story, 2015)
Moon (short story, 2015)
Désirés (short stories, 2015)
Réflexion sur la pédophilie (essay, 2015)

Compassion (theatre play, 2015)
Oups (theatre play, 2015)

Petite histoire du soir, bonsoir (20 children's storybooks, 2015)

The French guides (17 humorous books on French clichés, in English, 2014)
Tu préfères... (7 humorous gamebooks, 2015)

A bug's guide to digital security (in English, 2013)
Guide de la sécurité informatique (guides pour tous, 2013)
Guide de la flashmob et du happening (guides pour tous, 2013)
Guide anti-stress (guides pour tous, 2013)
Séances de relaxation (album MP3, 2 heures de détente, 2014)


Artistes de Paris (photographic and video exhibition, 2012)
Insects, butterflies, flowers and more tiny stuff from the Alps (photographic exhibition, 2014)
Low tide (photographic exhibition, 2015)
A NoCarDay in Paris (photographic exhibition, 2015)

Skies (photographic works, 2015)
Waters (photographic works, 2014)
Nights (photographic works, 2014)

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